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Baby Sensory Reading


Las clases de Baby Sensory, de estimulación temprana sensorial, cuya finalidad principal es fomentar el desarrollo del bebé, han llegado ahora a México. Con origen en Inglaterra, han sido ganadoras de premios internacionales, y te ofrecen cada semana la oportunidad de que tu bebé y tú experimenten diferentes actividades sensoriales, diseñadas para enriquecer el desarrollo sensorial de tu bebé. Te damos la bienvenida a integrarte a una de nuestras clases en cualquier momento. Las clases de estimulación temprana sensorial de Baby Sensory, son actividades muy atractivas y concurridas; muchas de nuestras clases están llenas por lo que se recomienda inscribirse con anticipación.

Las visitas son siempre bienvenidas, pero por favor llama antes para reservar tu lugar

Si te interesa obtener más información, por favor contacta a la guía de clases de Baby Sensory en tu localidad.


I married my wonderful husband, Mr Baby Sensory (!), in 2009 and gave birth to our first beautiful baby boy, Xavier, in May 2010. After Xavier was born I was recommended to attend Baby Sensory classes as they were new to the area, it talked about Baby Signing, Baby Massage, Bonding, Optic Light and Puppet Shows, but all designed around research to encourage baby brain development. I was intrigued and this sounded exactly what was needed for both Xavier and I.

As soon as our first class was underway we were hooked. I came away as stimulated as Xavier and always left smiling from ear to ear and armed with a bunch of ideas to continue this development at home. Baby Sensory soon became the highlight of our week and was so for the following year. Since Xavier (and baby number two - Logan) my priorities changed; and I have been inspired by the classes I attended, lead by Leigh Whitwell the franchisee of the classes. It made me realise this programme draws on current research and the work of theorists and childcare experts, driving development, communication and motivation, which I am so passionate about. Baby Sensory has all the elements of all the work I have ever loved, in a fun, friendly, worthwhile and rewarding environment. I am thrilled and excited to be bringing the delights of Baby Sensory to the wonderful babies of Reading & Henley area!


Running Baby Sensory classes since Summer 2011!

CRB Checked.

And of course being a Mummy to Xavier and Logan!


We offer over 10 sessions per week across the Reading area, so do take some time to review the local timetable and feel free to call if you need any help with your booking - I am very happy to help.  

You and your baby will experience different sensory activities designed to support your baby’s sensory development every week, Baby Sensory is an extremely popular Baby Development activity and many of our classes are fully booked, it is advisable to book early. Classes are held weekly in Tilehurst, Sonning Common & Henley on Thames.

If you are looking for an exciting activity which will be fun for you and will help with your baby’s sensory development book on.  JOIN AT ANY TIME! 


You can join our Baby Sensory classes at any time, as long as there are spaces available. Our current 2017 programme is running for 10 weeks at a cost of £71. (Discounts are offered for twins and triplets).

If you would prefer to come along for a taster session, to see what exciting adventures we get up to - contact me for availability (£7.10)

Our 2017 Programme starts w/c 9th January - w/c 11th December 2017.  NO CLASSES running w/c 13th November.  Class dates will also be confirmed in your personal booking confirmation.

Our terms flow effortlessly from one to the other meaning you never miss out and you and your baby have a new adventure to look forward to every week.



You can join our Baby Sensory classes at any time, as long as there are spaces available. Our current 2017 programme is running for 10 weeks. If you join late there's no need to worry, as our terms flow effortlessly from one to the other meaning you never miss out and you and your baby have a new adventure to look forward to every week.

Book your taster session, at any of our venues, to find out what Baby Sensory is all about.

Don't forget to look out for our events page, giving you the opportunity for more Baby Sensory fun with details of our holiday special classes designed around ever popular events. (Easter, Father's Day, Halloween, etc.)


Baby Sensory Reading Terms and Conditions

* We run rolling terms and you are welcome to join a class at any time if there is a place available. Your term of 10 weeks starts when a place is available. 

* If a place is not available in your preferred class, you can opt to join the waiting list in which case you will be notified as soon as a place becomes available. Places usually become available within 2-3 weeks.

* Please note that attending adults are fully responsible for their baby during the session. Babies should not be left unattended at any time.

* Regrettably, we are unable to make concessions for holidays or any missed sessions. However, you may offer your place to a friend so please contact us to let us know. 

* Parents are kindly asked not to bring their babies to class if they have a contagious illness. We request that you do not attend classes for 48 hours following the last symptoms of any sickness and/or diarrhoea bug. Please inform your Class Leader if your baby is potentially at risk of infecting others in the class so parents can be alerted. Please also alert your Class Leader if your baby has had a fever whilst attending a Baby Sensory class and please do not attend a class if they have had a fever in the previous 48 hours.

* If your Class Leader is unable to run your class because of illness etc, Baby Sensory will make every effort to provide an alternative Class Leader. If this is not possible, you will be notified of the cancellation of a class by text or phone call. We will add a session onto the end of your booking.

* In certain exceptional circumstances, Baby Sensory may be prevented from running classes due to situations beyond their control. These may include, but is not limited to, vehicle breakdowns, floods or dangerous driving conditions (snow or ice) which would pose a risk to Class Leaders and/or parents if they ventured onto the roads. On such occasions, we would offer to add an extra session on to the end of your block. Baby Sensory reserves the right not to refund the cost of a class due to the exceptional nature of the circumstances. Notice of the cancellation of a class will be sent via text or a phone call made.

* We offer a discount for twins, and triplets. Please get in touch to find out more.

* We do not offer refunds or cancellations other than in exceptional circumstances.

* Whilst taking photos during sessions and parties is permitted, we ask that parents do not upload their photos onto social media sites unless they have the express permission of the parents and babies in the photo.

* As Baby Sensory Class Leaders, we will take photos during sessions and parties for marketing purposes. Please inform your Class Leader if you do not wish photos of yourself or your child to be used by Baby Sensory, including being published on the Baby Sensory Facebook page. Your Baby Sensory Class Leader will ask for your permission to be given during sessions and unless we are notified by you then you will be deemed to have given your permission to use photos which include you or your baby.

* All Baby Sensory lesson plans and activities are protected by copyright. Filming during sessions or parties is prohibited without the Class Leader’s prior consent.

* In accordance with Data Protection legislation, Baby Sensory will not pass on your personal details to any third party.



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