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Jayne Galloway

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Class details

Jayne Galloway

Las clases de Baby Sensory, de estimulación temprana sensorial, cuya finalidad principal es fomentar el desarrollo del bebé, han llegado ahora a México. Con origen en Inglaterra, han sido ganadoras de premios internacionales, y te ofrecen cada semana la oportunidad de que tu bebé y tú experimenten diferentes actividades sensoriales, diseñadas para enriquecer el desarrollo sensorial de tu bebé. Te damos la bienvenida a integrarte a una de nuestras clases en cualquier momento. Las clases de estimulación temprana sensorial de Baby Sensory, son actividades muy atractivas y concurridas; muchas de nuestras clases están llenas por lo que se recomienda inscribirse con anticipación.

Las visitas son siempre bienvenidas, pero por favor llama antes para reservar tu lugar

Si te interesa obtener más información, por favor contacta a la guía de clases de Baby Sensory en tu localidad.


I love babies!  I have two daughters - one is 8 months and the other is 15 years old, and since my youngest baby came along, I have taken a huge interest in not only her progress and development, but that of babies in general.  It completely fascinates me.  When the Baby Sensory Falkirk franchise came up for sale, I knew I just had to go for it... and now I am the new owner!

I have a journalism degree and my background is in business development and marketing, which has come in really useful in my new Baby Sensory venture.  Teaching a class full of babies however, is completely new to me.  But I am really sure that my enthusiasm for little ones coupled with always being up for oodles of fun, will mean I have a top notch class for you guys to come to every week.



Completed a course of instruction in Children's First Aid & Medical Emergencies - 28.2.17


Baby Sensory classes are a warm, friendly & fun environment for you & your baby, full of rich and varied sensory experiences.  All activities at Baby Sensory are accompanied by useful developmental information, specifically designed for babies from 0-13 months. This helps parents lead their babies learning during the most important months of their lives. Classes allow parents & babies to enjoy time together and also to interact with other parents and babies too. 

Baby Sensory founder, Dr Lin Day, writes all of our lesson plans based on research. She has found that from birth, verbal interactions build important brain connections for language and social skills. Sound experiences build the auditory pathways that are fundamental to speech and language development. Movement activities develop brain cells in the visual cortex, which babies use to see objects and colours clearly by three months of age.

There are classes for 0-7 months, 7-13 months and 0-13 months at Falkirk.  Class content is generally the same with developmental information tailored to each age group in different classes.  Parents often ask which class is best for their baby.  If you'd like to meet other parents of babies around the same age as your baby and if you'd like your baby to be in a class with babies of a similar age, then a split age class ( 0 - 7 months or 7 - 13 months) is for you.



2 trial sessions for £15

5 sessions for £37.50

10 sessions for £68.00

How to book:

Use the Book Now button to secure your space in class. 

If the class says 'Wait List', please DO complete the form as spaces may become available or I may put on another class to accommodate you & others.  Contact me on if there's anything I can help you with.

Baby Sensory Studio, within the Cherish - Nurturing Mums, Nurturing Babies Units (Unit M),

Newhouse Business Park, Newhouse Road,

Grangemouth, FK3 8LL

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