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First Aid Courses and New Parent Workshops

As a company we know that better informed parents make better parents who are also able to make better decisions for their families. While we originally started the company with programmes focused on the child with the parent present, we also realised there was a need for courses just for parents and carers.

This is why we are delighted to announce the launch of two new offerings for expectant parents or parents of young babies: Baby Sensory Foundations Parenting Workshops and KeepaBeat Baby and Toddler First Aid classes.

Both courses bring the research-based ethos to sessions and workshops and are designed to help you gain parenting knowledge and make informed decisions.

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Our Paediatric First Aid sessions are a must have for anyone who looks after a baby or toddler.

Covering baby/toddler CPR, baby/toddler unconsciousness, baby/toddler choking, burns, head injuries, febrile convulsions and broken bones.

Helping you deal with life's little dramas.

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Developed by Dr. Lin Day (Baby Sensory and Toddler Sense founder), Baby Sensory Foundations prepares you and your baby (birth to 3 months) for the challenges ahead.

So where do you start? Our 25 minute Hello Baby session shows you what your baby can do and what he or she finds stressful, and our 45 minute Baby Crying, Baby Colic and Baby Comfort workshops offer information, practical solutions and reassurance.

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About Us

Paediatric First Aid Courses for Parents and Carers of Babies and Toddlers  

The first minutes of a first aid ‘situation’ are the most critical, these are the seconds you have to, at the very least, prevent a situation from getting worse.

After dialing 999, a paramedic will talk you through the actions you practise while waiting for the ambulance. Wouldn’t it be better if you had already practised and the para was just coaching you?

That’s what a First Aid course gives you, the basic skills you need to carry you over those first crucial minutes. KeepaBeat First Aid takes this serious subject and teaches it in a fun, interactive and memorable way so that you have that vital knowledge that could be invaluable to your family. 



We only conduct the course to small groups; parents at one of our workshops or maybe everyone in your family joining a session at home. We have enough equipment for everyone and make sure that in 2 hours, you get hands-on practice of CPR and relieving choking. Learning in a small group means you can get coaching, build confidence and get the chance to ask questions and improve your skills.

You will learn many topics such as CPR, unconsciousness, choking, burns, head injuries, febrile convulsions and broken bones to keep your baby and toddler safe

Fully accredited instructors, high quality props and interactive sessions allow you to get the most out of a KeepaBeat First Aid session and ensure you have the chance to memorise these life-saving skills.

Pop over to our Find A Class page to book onto one of our workshops or to contact your local KeepaBeat First Aid Trainer to book a family session at your home.

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Join the Team 

Want to be your own boss? 

Do you want a flexible job that enables you to spend time with your family? 

KeepaBeat may be just what you are looking for! If you are interested in joining the team, follow this link to find out more: or e-mail:

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Hands-on  small_635469108454404180_Star-blue-3  Supportive  small_635469108454404180_Star-blue-3  Empowering
Baby Sensory Foundations: A hands-on, supportive programme providing empowering research-based information to prepare you for life with your new baby.

As soon as you hold your beautiful newborn in your arms, a whole new world of learning begins for you and your baby. You may have questions such as:

  • Why does my baby turn away from me?
  • What cry sound does my baby make when he needs to burp?
  • Why does my baby sneeze when I interact with her?
  • Is it safe to swaddle my baby?
  • Can I give my baby a pacifier?

We can answer these questions and many more, put your mind at rest, and support you through the early days and months.

Hello Baby Session

A Hello Baby session lasts 25 minutes. We'll show you what your new baby (newborn to 3 months) can do, how your baby communicates with you, what your baby finds stressful, and what you can do to reduce discomfort. Observations can have a remarkable and transforming effect on your relationship with your new baby.


 Parenting Workshops

A Parenting Workshop lasts approximately 45 minutes. You'll discover a wealth of research-based information, sensible tips, techniques and equipment choices, which may save the day when you are struggling to work out what is best for your new baby (newborn to 3 months).

You'll also have the opportunity to explore and handle equipment, ask questions about your new baby, discuss concerns, and share experiences with other mums and dads.


Baby Crying

  • Discover the cues and different cries your baby uses to communicate with you
  • Find out why your baby instinctively adopts a 'bent frog' position when picked up
  • Explore the benefits of wearing your baby in a wrap or sling carrier
  • Learn how to wear your baby safely

Baby Colic

  • Find out what colic means and when it occurs
  • Explore the main causes of colic
  • Discover what you can do to successfully manage the symptoms
  • Learn how to reduce discomfort

Baby Comfort

  • Explore soothing techniques that replicate the womb environment and provide security and comfort
  • Discover how to restore balance when your baby cries
  • Learn how to swaddle your baby safely
  • Discuss pacifier use and safe practice

Baby Sensory Foundations has been awarded 5-star gold status by the Children's Activities Association ( for excellence of provision, service and care.

CAA Gold

Our fully trained Baby Sensory Practitioners are passionate about teaching and keen to make your experiences interesting, enjoyable, memorable and valuable.

Please contact your local Practitioner for more details:

 Private Session

If you would like a private session for just you and your partner or for you and your friends, please contact your local Practitioner for details:


 Stars yellow 2 Stars yellow 2Stars yellow 2Stars yellow 2Stars yellow 2 Great course. Both me and my partner attended and found that we left each class feeling more informed and prepared. It really helped our anxieties. Highly recommended!"  Katie Westwood.


Stars yellow 2Stars yellow 2Stars yellow 2Stars yellow 2Stars yellow 2 A brilliant course. I found out so much information I had no idea about and it answered questions that I didn't even know I was worrying about. I think the best thing I can say about it is I was sad when it was over!”  Louise Angell.

Stars yellow 2Stars yellow 2Stars yellow 2Stars yellow 2Stars yellow 2Fantastic course. The information calmed my anxieties in the very early days of motherhood. My husband attended the classes when work allowed and found them invaluable. We both enjoyed chatting to the other parents and getting involved in the group activities. I would definitely recommend.” Lizzie Carter.

Stars yellow 2Stars yellow 2Stars yellow 2Stars yellow 2Stars yellow 2Fantastic course, I learnt a lot that I did not know about. I highly recommend the course.” Lottie Anne Cuthbert.


Stars yellow 2Stars yellow 2Stars yellow 2Stars yellow 2Stars yellow 2Me and my husband thought it was excellent, very informative, great value for money, and gave us a great base from which to begin our journey into the baffling world of parenthood! We recommend the courses to anyone looking to learn more about their baby and build confidence.” Emma Street.

Have you attended a Baby Sensory Foundations workshop? We'd love to know your thoughts! Just e-mail

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 About the Founder             
Lin Day

Dr. Lin Day (PhD., M.Phil., PGCE., FETC., BSc., Dip Ed.), is one of the UK’s leading parenting experts, a renowned author within the field of childcare and education, and the founder of award-winning national and international programmes Baby Sensory and Toddler Sense. Dr. Lin designed Baby Sensory Foundations to address questions raised by parents over the years, to prepare them for the challenges ahead, and to share some of the remarkable research that can make a real difference to their lives.

Check out for blogs, research information, top tips and more by Dr. Lin Day.

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Look how much we have raised..... over £500k!

Community Diamond Award - Baby Sensory 2 - 2015

We're so proud to be associated with Tommy’s Baby Charity researching the causes of miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth. Tommy’s are also there to support you and provide information when needed.

 Stars yellow 2 In 2014, we raised £187,000, which helped open a brand new research centre!

  Stars yellow 2In 2016, we raised a staggering £422,374!!

 So far, we have raised a whopping £609,374 over the past 2 years!

We're also thrilled to have won the Diamond Community Award for our contribution to research - making a difference to the lives of parents and babies!

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